My name is Kim.
But my friends call me Mushy.
They also call me Kimmey ;; Kitty ;; Schatz ;; Süße ;; Baby.
I'm 3teen years old.
I live in Germany in Urdenbach ;; a nice place to live.
It's a small district in the big town Düsseldorf.
The city is cool to chill with friends
I love listen to Music - Preferably I hear R'n'B and Hip Hop - Black music.
My hobbies are chilln with friends ;; Music ;; to make photos and to edit photos ;; I like my Dog he's the best an greatest thing in my world.
I live in my own little pink world she's fantastic - Yes she's great!
If I do not like somebody I show it to him.
I don't like fakes.
People steal style - I kill them.
Please understand my direct art.
But I say what I think.
Thank you for read this stupid text about me.
And I know - my english isn't very good.


I'm at fashing.

Glamour Baby.

I'm a little Princess in a big world.
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